Five craft Singapore beers to try right now

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash


The Southeast Asian country offers a variety of fresh, craft beers that are excellent for the area’s warm, humid climate. There are 35 breweries active in Singapore, including the most famous for being one of the oldest, Red Dot Brewhouse, or 6 Drunk Men.

Here we show you five relatively new local beers that offer an original variety of good quality.


Lion Brewery

The Singapore brewery produces beer based on an English brewery heritage. This nomadic brewery was reborn in Southeast Asia in 2017 after its original creation in London in 1836. Limited production beer with quality ingredients.

Two beers to discover: Lion Brewery Island Lager, a perfect thirst-quenching beer with a cassis and pine aroma and a smooth finish. Also, Straits Pale Ale, tropical aromatic profile and refreshing perfect for the hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia.


Yellow Van – The 1925 Brewing Co

Yellow Van is a Pale Ale beer, prepared with Citra hops. It is pleasant to drink, light, citrus. By the way, it is just as good for a hot day. Simply a versatile beer that combines very well with cheeses, salads, spicy and salty food or seafood.


Singapore Lager – Tuas Brewing Co

A new beer launched this year by the Tuas Brewing Co. On the one hand, the Singapore Lager beer is the first of this passionate brewing group to supply restaurants, hotels and bars. On the other hand, Singapore Lager is a light, fresh, easy to drink lager with a soft golden color and good foam.


Classic Mead Singapore – Lion City Meadery

Another new brewery established during 2019. Lion City Meadery offers three varieties of beer: Spiced Singapore, Hibiscus Blueberry and Classic Singapore. This style of mead beer is characterized by being fermented with honey and water. Classic Mead Singapore is refreshing, crunchy and sour, a blend of eucalyptus honey with Australian apiaries.


Stolen Boat – Trouble Brewing

This golden blonde ale is perfect for the summer. Its taste varies from sweet malt to a short bitter finish. In addition, it is bright, crunchy and a perfectly rounded beer to accompany barbecued meals.



Time to taste Singapore beers!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.