How the Vail Craft Beer Classic keeps craft beer alive in Colorado

In a United States that saw a 50% drop in sales of craf beer, the Colorado Vail Craft Beer Festival keeps the tradition afloat.

It’s no secret to anyone. Lately, very positive figures have been projected for the artisanal beer industry in the United States. These have increased from 6,490 in 2017 to 7,346 in 2018. In addition, in 2018, there were 1,049 openings, compared to 219 closings. Volumes increased by 4%, representing 13.2% of the market share. Finally, the value increased by 7% to 27,600 million dollars.

Colorado is one of these figures. The state ranks second in the number of crat breweries. Just one place behind California (687 breweries). Colorado is home to 396 established breweries. That means they have approximately six breweries per 100,000 residents, producing 1,522,834 barrels of artisanal beer per year.

Last year, 67 breweries opened in Colorado and 50 openings are expected this year. And rightly so, they keep the U.S. artisanal beer industry afloat in a market that saw a decline in sales at more than 50 of the country’s top breweries in 2018, as reported by the Colorado Brewers Association.


Vail Craft Beer Festival: A Synonym for Tradition and Progress

But something always shines in stages of decline. Colorado’s Vail Craft Beer Festival features more than 100 local beers: IPA, ale, stout and porters, brown ale, wheat, hefeweizen, Belgian pale ale and many more. Incidentally, they are divided into flavors ranging from tangerine, coriander, to ginger, blood orange, and more.

In the festival, the craft breweries also take the opportunity to conquer new tasters. Frequently perceived as bitter beers, with a lot of flavor or strong taste of hops. However, the variety is enormous and everyone can find a beer to their liking. In addition, lately the breweries focus on producing low-calorie and lighter beers.

For residents of Colorado communities, it is customary to visit a craft brewery after a day of skiing, biking, hiking or any other activity. For that reason and much more, the link between the inhabitant and the artisanal beer of the state is inexorable.

The Vail Craft Beer Festival brings together brewers who care about the quality of their beers. They are constantly seeking to learn more about the best ways to produce artisanal beer. Their know-how is highlighted during this festival in which producers are empathetic to each other. The festival gives the opportunity to enjoy the product of this know-how, both among consumers and producers.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.