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“The Gin Dictionary”, an A-Z of all things gin and everything we must know about it


For lovers of gin and reading, the freelance drinks writer and contributor to leading spirits magazines (Imbibe Magazine, Gin Time, The Drinks Business…) David T. Smith writes this great combination in his book on gin The Gin Dictionary: An A-Z of all things gin, from juniper berries to the G&T (2017, Octopus Books).

This bible about gin was released last May and is already buzzing. It is an exhaustive guide to the complex terms and techniques we should know about gin. He also talks about the equipment and the varieties to create this drink perfectly.

On the other hand, the book teaches us about all the factors that influence the taste of gin. The ingredients for gin and the famous Gin and Tonic, the distillation techniques, tasting of various types of gin, not only from the UK, but from all over the world. It is not the first time that David T Smith has spoken to us about gin, among other readings are How To Make Gin (2014), The Craft Of Gin (2013) and Gin Tonica (2017).



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