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With good weather comes the best bubbles: taste the Mumm Rosé

Mumm Rosé, one of the vintages of the champagne House, doesn’t need ice cubes for a great tasting. A frosted glass will suffice to express all the summer fruit flavors in it. Discover it here.

Mumm Brut le Rosé is a fresh wine that moves away from the floral and sweet fruit flavours of traditional rosé champagne. If you want to enjoy a different and fresh champagne, Mumm Brut le Rosé is ideal.


Mastering the blends

Master winemaker Didier Mariotti makes a blend based on Pinot Noir for its aromatic power and structure; Chardonnay for its elegant notes and minerality; and Pinot Meunier for its roundness and balance. However, the secret of Mumm Brut le Rosé lies in the addition of up to 14 Pinots Noirs grown in villages classified as “Grands Crus”. Like Bouzy, Verzenay or Les Riceys,.

The strength and personality of this blend of Pinots Noirs 60 dominates the final blend, softening without overshadowing the soft and energetic fruitiness of Pinot Meunier 18 and the elegance of Chardonnay 22. This cuvée is sliced with a minimum dosage of 6 g/l which favours the development of its many flavours.




A pale salmon-pink color with orange reflections.


The intense fruit aromas of fresh strawberries, cherries and redcurrants blend with vanilla and caramel.


After a lively and energetic attack, the notes of wild berries and an elegant, refined and subtle freshness persist. Long and tasty finish.


Forget tradition by experimenting with food pairings around seafood, charcuterie, even spicy Asian dishes or African tajines to appreciate all the gastronomic potential of Mumm Brut le Rosé.

A tip for fresh bubbles:

To freeze the bubbles, put the glasses in the freezer 20 minutes before tasting.


Via Press release by Woki Toki.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.