Discovering La Bamba de Areco

An ideal refuge for the approaching holidays. An ideal way to discover the Argentinean Pampa. In La Bamba de Areco, drinks, tradition and design await you.


This old estancia, one of the oldest, is located one hour from Buenos Aires. It was transformed by Pascal Decaux. Combining luxury and tradition, Pascal and Jean-François Decaux transformed it in 2010.

The design combines rustic woods and parquets, colonial furniture, incandescent bricks and black and white photos. These elements are joined by alpaca wool blankets in each room. Outdoors, 25 horse stables, meadows and polo fields.

Also, La Bamba serves as an artistic repose for the works of the local scene: photographs, works of art, handmade objects in leather and silver. All from the region of San Antonio de Areco.

Tasting of food and beverages in La Bamba combines traditional empanadas, roasted meats and of course glasses of Argentine wine Mendoza. Breakfast offers homemade cakes and jams. And very discreet, as the guest table for 24 people.

The casual elegance of this place is an invitation to rustic luxury in this small city that calls to exile.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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