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Cocktail Anecdote with Julien Escot: #6 The Connery Collins

We continue with “Cocktail of Anecdotes” with Julien Escot (Aperture Montpellier). In this edition we discover the Connery Collins cocktail.

A cocktail based on Drambuie (liquor based on scotch whisky), which honors Scotland, its whisky, and one of its favorite actors.


The Connery Collins Cocktail, an anecdote by Julien Escot

The Drambuie brings herbaceous notes to this simple and obvious Scotch Collins. This recipe pays a double tribute: both to the Scottish actor whose recipe bears his name and to the famous secret agent and cocktails lover he played.

cocktail by julien escot

Connery Collins Cocktail Recipe

50 ml Scotch Whisky Blended

15 ml Drambuie

2 bar spoon of powdered sugar

20 ml of fresh lemon juice

60 ml of sparkling water


Lemon slice


Pour the ingredients in the glass filled with ice. Stir with the bar spoon. Add your garnish and taste immediately.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.