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Historical Cocktails with Burnett’s London Dry Gin

For our last edition, we introduce Burnett’s London Dry Gin, a historical gin, a real London Dry Gin.

The recipes included in this book were found and tasted by connoisseurs, experts from the world-renowned hotel clubs and hotels of the time. Divided into five parts according to the spirit base from gin, Scotch whisky, Canadian and American rye to bourbon.


Burnett’s London Dry Gin

Burnett’s gin is a real London Dry Gin. The original recipe was created by Sir Robert Burnett in 1770. It has a typically British character and is a complete gin that offers a pure and refreshing taste. Today, Burnett’s is still on the shelves and applies Sir Burnett’s original recipe. This gin was first produced in England over 200 years ago.

Our protagonist, from Puis le gas y dit, savors a couple of cocktails made from this gin.

puis le gas y dit burnett's dry gin


Cocktails based on Burnett’s London Dry Gin


Louis Cocktail

Offered by Mr. Louis Senesi, First Assistant Barman, American Bar, Grand Hotel Baglioni, Florence, Italy.

2/3 of London Dry Gin Burnett’s

1/3 of French Vermouth

1 strip of Grand Marnier

1 strip of Cointreau

Shake well and serve with a lemon peel.


Efferscent Doré

Fill a large glass with 3/4 of crushed ice

1 egg yolk, separated from the white

1 teaspoon with fruit sugar

3 strips of yellow lemon juice

1 strip of lime juice

1 glass of wine from London Dry Burnett’s

Shake well and strain into a large glass. Finally, top with soda water.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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