Three reasons why you should read this article about gin and science

For those of you with a curious and scientific streak, we bring you for reading the article, which announced an innovation in the world of gin, and here are three reasons to read it.


One, Two, Gin!

  1. Indeed, it is the Scottish brand Oro Gin. They have created the first Scottish dry gin under scientific processes that required very specific research for months.
  2. The recipe contains a secret ingredient, which perhaps only the most expert can find out during the tasting.
  3. Oro Gin includes 15 herbs and spices in its recipe. In addition, the logo has a very precise reason for being.


To learn about this in detail, do not hesitate to read the article by Emma Newlands.

It is undoubtedly an innovation for gin and lovers of this spirit. It should be noted that science has also been a very important resource in the creation of alcohols, in a more exotic way  in molecular mixology since we usually find scientific and chemical process.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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