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A whisky hotel will soon open in the city of London

Good news for whisky lovers. Visitors – or not – from the city of London will be able to stay in a hotel dedicated to whisky. The opening of the hotel is scheduled for autumn 2019 and will be the transformation of the Black Rock bar.

The award-winning Black Rock bar will be remodeled to open as a whisky hotel. The refurbishment will consist of expanding the bar by taking over the rest of the building. Located in a basement, the remodel will purchase the inclusion of 4 floors. Between the facilities, a room for blending and three lodges for lodging.

Last week the bar already inaugurated Black Rock Tavern, as part of the building and alternative to the original bar. The other parts of the project such as the blending room will give customers the opportunity to mix their own whiskey and take it home.

In an Instagram post, Black Rock announced the remodeling of the building and the opening of the Black Rock Tavern. It’s a whisky pub inspired by the Izakaya. It is now open every day from 4:00 PM.

According to Food and Wine, the Black Rock hotel is starting to take reservations this month. The first prices are around $150 for the smaller rooms. These reservations are for stays starting in September.



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