Asahi Brewery and Panasonic develop eco-friendly beer mug

With the goal of reducing plastic waste, Asahi Breweries and Panasonic Corp. are working together to develop an eco-friendly beer mug.


Via The Japan Times


The news came out in a press release by Asahi last Tuesday. The new organic beer mug created with Panasonic Corp. uses materials derived from plants. That is, resin composite materials and cellulose fiber resin. The latter makes up 55% of the mug and is developed by Panasonic. In addition, thanks to its ecological qualities, the mug can be disposed of as combustible waste.

Its use is initially intended for outdoor events. But it will be on sale for a trial period in Japan on August 9 and will cost between 250 and 350 Yen, approximately $2.00 to $3.00.

For his part, Asahi said that the mug can serve as a nice souvenir as it is possible to make inscriptions.

There is no further information on the ecological invention of Asahi and Panasonic. However, it means a step forward in responsible and conscious consumption to respect the environment.



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