Investing: the whisky category has risen 600% over the last decade

To invest in whisky. We have certainly covered this subject time and time again, and how this phenomenon of collecting bottles is becoming increasingly common. And how rightly so…

According to a London financial consulting firm, investing in collecting whisky would be the right choice for small investors. As reported by USA TODAY through 24/7 Wall Street in their article Want to make money? Buy whiskey.

In fact, whisky had the best performance among 10 categories of luxury assets. Rare whisky rose 35% year over year in the first quarter of 2019. In 2018, however, the increase was more significant, rising by 40%. This category has increased in value by almost 600% over the last decade.

But who are the influential players behind these figures? The Asian market plays a significant role in the rise in whisky prices. According to the firm Knight Frank, “Rare whisky emerges as the newest alternative kind of good for motivating high net worth investors, particularly in Asia“. Direct flights between Edinburgh and Beijing would boost Scotch whisky sales in China.

Other ways to invest in whisky

Purchasing rare bottles that will eventually acquire added value is often done through auctions. Both at renowned auction houses (Bonham’s and Christie’s to name a few) and online, through dedicated websites such as whisky.auction. Rare whisky bottles, special or limited editions, mostly Scotch, top the lists of best investments.

There are, however, consultants who advise buying whisky in barrels. The famous consultancy and brokerage agency Rare Whisky 101 advises that connoisseurs, collectors and investors should look to buy whisky in entire barrels. When a whisky barrel follows the right path, they can reach a price of up to 1 million dollars.

The interest in unique and rare whisky bottles will not cease, in fact, the last bottles sold at impressive prices that do not fall below one million dollars, will only reinforce this desire to participate in an investment that in the long term can only promise a fruitful future.



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