mackmyra ai whisky

Meet the world’s first whiskey created by artificial intelligence

Swedish whisky distillery Mackmyra together with technology consultants Fourkind and Microsoft develop the world’s first whisky created by artificial intelligence.

The world’s first whisky developed by AI is made possible by a technological project between Swedish distillery Mackmyra, IA experts Fourkind, and electronics giant Microsoft. Details of the distillery’s existing recipes are provided Through Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure. As well as sales information and consumer preferences.

Through this information, the IA is able to generate more than 70 million recipes based on the types of barrels and whiskies that mature in Mackmyra’s warehouses. The precision of the data will allow you to create a whisky that will be popular both for its taste and its quality.

This is the first time that a complex recipe for consumer products with automatic learning has been created. The possibilities of different whiskies are endless – Master Blenders, who are responsible for the taste of whisky and the development of recipes, can spend their entire lives trying and experimenting to create the best possible flavours.

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