Melbourne. Brunswick Aces: Gin Without the Gin

It looks like gin. It smells like gin. It even – almost – tastes like gin. The idea of ​​a spiritual alternative very similar to that of a gin arose from Lawrence’s friendship with his neighbor, Doug Cook, a marathon runner and cautious of his drinking. Lawrence had already done gin before, but wanted to try a non-alcoholic version – a version that always had softness and body.

Together Cook and four other neighbors, Lawrence began to develop the product, following a method very similar to the original but with high quality purified water instead of alcohol and plants like green cardamom, the parsley, star anise and coriander. Lawrence, who is also an engineer, has specially designed a modified gin to develop the drink with truly exquisite and delicate flavors that you can only really extract by distillation.

He hesitates, however, to call Brunswick Aces, preferring to say that it is “inspired by” gin. We are inspired by the taste profiles of gins and we are inspired by these processes, We realized that the product was fantastic and was delivered exactly what we were looking for … without alcohol or low alcohol content.

The drink is available in two varieties, named Spades is “earthy with a fresh and green flavor,” and Hearts, leads with cinnamon on the nose and lime and coriander delicate. Life often means you do not want to drink alcohol. Why should you choose between beautiful flavors and stay sober.