Negroni Week Kicks Off Monday!

The Italian cocktail celebrates a century and to celebrate its 100 years returns the Negroni Week, NEGRONI WEEK!


Celebrate the week of the classic Italian cocktail that was born 100 years ago. The Campari cocktail celebrates its birthday on Negroni Week from June 24th to 30th. In many international cities and bars bartenders show their creativity and prepare the Negroni cocktail in various ways.

But Negroni Week is more than just a cocktail birthday. Through this week a solidarity work is made from the proceeds obtained with the purchase of Negroni cocktails. At the end of the week there is a count of all the collections obtained by each bar, restaurant and association.

Among the main cities of Negroni Week are: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle Chicago, Portland, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, Berlin, Melbourne and Sydney. To find out if your town participates during Negroni Week, follow this link.


Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Do you want to celebrate Negroni Week at home? Don’t forget the ingredients of the original recipe, simple but effective and always so elegant:


30 ml Campari

30 ml Gin

30 ml Soft Vermouth


Shaker, bar spoon, strainer.

Type of glass: cocktail or rocks

Garnish: orange peel in spiral or orange crescent


Mix the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice using the mixing spoon, strain into a cold cocktail glass (or a rocks glass full of ice) and garnish.


You can buy your Campari, Vermouth and Geneva to prepare your Negroni in the link below:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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