New: pairing of cognac and premium meats with Hugo Desnoyer

Pairing cognac and red meat, a new experience available until 30 November 2019 in the 16th arrondissement of the city of Paris, 28 rue du Docteur Blanche.


To test new experiences the French master butcher Hugo Desnoyer creates three exclusive dishes with a common point: a pairing with red meat and Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection n°3 cognac, a special edition of this original and distinctive cognac.

Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection n°3 cognac marries perfectly with any of the three meats offered on Desnoyer’s menu. These include veal ceviche, an Austrian Simmenthal beef with Tellichery pepper, and a Limousine beef sirloin, the latter also with Tellichery pepper.

It is worth mentioning that this menu combines cognac and meat, celebrates 20 years of Parisian butchers, 30 years of Hugo Desnoyer’s career and the launch of this limited series of Hennessy cognac.


Who is Hugo Desnoyer?

  • The French master butcher works exclusively with the best meticulously selected meats, following exigency and perfection.
  • Today, he has been in this profession for 30 years.
  • He remains faithful to the traditional values of butchers.
  • He likes to innovate while maintaining tradition, expertise and commitment in his work.

An alliance with Hennessy and the Master Assembler Renaud Filloux de Gironde

Hugo Desnoyer decided to ally with the Master Assembler Renaud Filloux de Gironde, responsible for the assembly of Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection n°3 -his first creation of the house-, for the selection of the cognac to match his menu of meats.

Renaud explains, “The brandies I have selected express both flexibility and roundness, which are specific to the style of some of the fine brandies in our house“.

To obtain a bottle of Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection n°3 internationally:


In France you can go to Les Visites Hennessy, in the Hennessy Visitors’ Shop in Cognac, or to Hugo Desnoyer’s butcher’s restaurant.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.