first gin created with artificial intelligence

Premiere of the first gin made with artificial intelligence

After artificial intelligence whisky, there’s gin, which according to Circumstance Distillery of Bristol is the first of its kind.

Monker’s Garkel is the first gin produced with artificial intelligence. This technology created two lists of botanical ingredients, the name of the gin and even its label.

To make this gin, an artificial intelligence system called Ginette, analyzed thousands of botanicals to understand the recipes for gin. The spirit, is the result of a collaboration between Psychopomp, Tiny Gian and Rewrite Digital.

Ginette processed this information to create a large catalogue with names, designs and recipes. Afterwards, she would finally decide on the final product “Monker’s Garkel”.

However, none of this would be possible without the human hand. Bristol artist Tim Sutcliffe suggested various styles, colors, textures and fonts for the bottle label. Ginette used this information to make it.

Danny Walker, co-owner of Circumstance Distillery explained to The Drinks Business that Monker’s Garkel is born of the collaboration between scientists. It demonstrates how technology can create an original product. “Ginette proposed ingredients that include raspberry leaf, gooseberry, plum and marigold, the latter being hard to come by. Ingredients we’ve never used before in gin.”

With the help of 30-liters pot stills the distillery crafted Monker’s Garkel by hand. “None of our production is automated“. Says Walker.


To buy Monker’s Garkel

Attention, there are only 1000 samples of this special gin. Besides, The Mad Fest Tech Fair in London will showcase the gin on Wednesday 13 November. Another chance to taste it.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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