Tequila enjoys a 17.9% increase in wholesale sales

There was an increase in wholesale sales of tequila in the last months of January through May.

According to the Iscam the sale of tequila in the wholesale market reached 4 154 million pesos. This amount represents the figure of 17.9 percent growth in sales compared with the previous year.

Thus, the leading beverage remains tequila in the wine and spirits category, with a share of 29.3 percent. Mainly, crystalline tequilas and premium white tequilas have contributed to the economic evolution of the beverage. They are new premium sector beverages that young people in particular appreciate, thus carrying more importance than before.

The cristalino is ranked as the most popular with a growth of 51.6 percent in value and 45 percent in volume. Premium white tequila grew 27.9 percent in value and 19.3 percent in volume.


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