The Art Of Shims: Facts you should know about cocktails, summer and low alcohol by volume

There are many of us who are looking forward to summer to enjoy this season and to get together with friends and family for outdoor activities, go to the beach and enjoy the sun. However, in such hot moments we try to soothe the high temperatures with cool drinks (don’t forget to drink water), and contrary to what many think alcohol does not help to maintain body temperature, or for example during the cold we look for spirits with body to acclimatize ourselves.

We have researched this fact, which is very relevant at the present time of year, in order to choose to refresh ourselves wisely. When choosing your cocktails, make sure they contain low alcohol by volume, which is called Low A.B.V. However, we should not confuse light alcohol cocktails with poor taste or that they are not interesting. You definitely can find some interesting recipes.

On the other hand, shims cocktails are known for their elegance and low alcohol content. They are also refreshing. If you want to know more about them, we recommend you read The Art of Shims: Low-alcohol cocktails.