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The best soda machine for 2019

We already know several brands of this type of machine to create soda. We bring you the best of them for this year 2019. Do you know whiche ones?

Among the machines to create soda several of them were successful since its marketing. However, we have two brands that are positioned as the best in the market.

These perfect drinks to drink alone, or to accompany cocktails, are an alternative to traditional carbonated beverages that in general, many of them are even somewhat harmful to the body. Thanks to the creation of our own drink, we reduce sugar consumption. In addition, another advantage of using this type of machine is that we reduce the environmental impact, thanks to the re-use of the bottle included, usually made of glass or durable plastic.

Among other things, this type of machine is usually easy to use. All you have to do is press one or two buttons and you have prepared your soda drink with your favourite flavor.

Around 12 million households in more than 40 countries have a carbonating machine at home, such as the famous brand Soda Stream.


The best selection of soda machines

Here we show you three selections of carbonating machines that vary in price, material and function.


SodaStream Fizzi One

This model created by the brand Soda Stream is easy to use and its design is ergonomic. You can set the levels of carbonation (gasification) which guarantees a consistent result. The Stream Fizzi One Soda Machine is equipped with “One Touch Fizzi” technology, and powered by electric power. It also has a lock and unlock function to switch from natural water to carbonated water in seconds.



DrinkMate is distinguished by its ability to transform any liquid into a carbonated beverage. Something their opponents haven’t offered until now.

The machine is equipped with a bubble infuser, so you can carbonate your tea, wine, coffee, juice or any other cold liquid without making a mess! It’s also a very fast process.

Additionally, one of its peculiarities is that it includes two equipped cylinders, which will last a long time, that is to say, up to 60 liters of liquid. Consequently you will not have to recharge your cylinders frequently.

As for the bottles, include a BPA-free (bisphenol A) containing one liter. BPA is a chemical component found in some plastics that can sometimes migrate into food and beverages that are harmful to health and the environment.

Another advantage of the DrinkMate is that you don’t need electricity to operate it, and it allows you to select the carbonation level by pressing the button on the top. But it’s not as easy to use as SodaStream and takes a little longer to prepare drinks. It is however of very good quality, of good reputation and reliable at a reasonable price.


Aarke Carbonator II

In the range of premium carbonators we find Aarke. This is the second version of the Swedish brand. It’s a stylish and elegant product that will look great in your bar or kitchen. In fact, its material is stainless steel unlike other machines, and its white color -among other color options- is very elegant.

With your purchase, Aarke guarantees an impact resistant PET bottle and a carbonator of great resistance and durability. Simple in design, it’s easy to use and clean. Despite its high price, does not bring the CO2 cartridge. But you can infuse as much CO2 in your drink as you prefer.

Its price is justified by the quality of its material in stainless steel, its resistance and that you will not need to replace it in a very long time. The advantage is that you can use the carbon cartridge of your choice with a capacity of 60 liters. In this way, you can choose a cartridge that suits your budget and taste and that will not be difficult to replace. With Aarken you can prepare carbonated drinks and carbonated water.


Background bubbles Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.