The Most Expensive Japanese Whisky Auction Is Coming

Fans hunting for rare whisky can’t overlook the auction by the prestigious Bonham’s house.

The auction with the world’s most expensive collection of Japanese whisky includes 54 bottles from Japanese distillery Hanyu. These bottles are part of the world-renowned Hanyu Ichiro Full Card Series. An added value to this collection is the fact that the Japanese distillery stopped production in 2000.

Hanyu Scotch Malt-style whisky is found in these 54 bottles, each representing a set of cards. Isouji Akuto’s grandson, Ichiro Akuto, preserved 400 barrels of premium whisky before the distillery closed. In fact, Ichiro bottled each for release between 2005 and 2014.

This whisky collection has an estimated price ranging from $576,000 to $768,210. It is time to wait until where the bidding will arrive for these much sought after bottles. The auction will take place on 16 August in Bonhams Hong Kong.


A new record

The Hanyu Ichiro Full Card Series broke the record four years ago at Bonhams. Japanese whisky is today in high demand, and it is once again positioned as the most expensive. “It is believed that there are no more than four Full Card Series games in the world. In addition, over the years, many bottles have been consumed or kept strictly private, making it more difficult than ever to assemble a complete series with such a reliable provenance,” explains Daniel Lam, Asian Director of Wine & Spirits for Bonhams.


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