This beer grain is drought resistant

Scientists at the University of Sydney develop drought-resistant grain beer.

The grain, created by Plant Breeding Institute scientist Jeremy Roake, aims to cooperate with Australian farmers. They have been suffering from low production for 25 years due to drought. And with an estimated production of -3% by 2019-2020, something had to be done.

Then, a beer called Big Dry Ale, is shown as a solution. Produced from triticale, a hybrid grain between wheat and rye created in 2005 by Roake. After the crossing, Roake continued his research to ensure the grain’s resistance to drought. And other triticale factors such as improved yield and rust resistance.

The grain showed better yields in acid soils, which is good news for drought-affected farmers. “It can produce 10 percent more than wheat in various situations,” says Roake.

One of the definitive tests was the production of Big Dry Ale by the Four Pines brewery. Roake has given the beans to the brewers and it turned out to be very good. The real purpose of the grain, however, is to rescue drought-affected farmers.

Big Dry is not yet available for sale, you can still however check out Four Pine’s large beer selection:

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