WA CUP, a reusable bottle to forget about plastic

The non-profit charity WA CUP promotes recycling awareness to avoid plastic contamination.


WA CUP are based in Phuket. Originally founded by Clare Thomson, expatriate, teacher and founder, it settles in Phuket in 2017. Also a surfer, she took advantage of the waves after teaching. That’s when she noticed the plastic waves that started arriving on the coast. Thailand, in fact, is one of the five countries most affected by plastic garbage.

He noticed then the lack of an organism that proposed an alternative to plastic, especially for bottles. Thus WA CUP (from wake up) was born, with a little research, work and an educational movement.

After months of research, Clare decided to use stainless steel as the material for the reusable bottle. The design of this bottle is clean, silvery and keeps drinks both hot and cold. Its logo is represented by a turtle, an animal very endangered by plastic waste.

Another product proposed by WA CUP is a line of fabric bags. In itself, the movement is also community-based, as it helps with education for Southeast Asian children about plastic and recycling.

Clare is also lobbying to try to run more reverse osmosis machines on the island to avoid the paradoxical result of WA CUP students filling their stainless steel bottles with water from single-use plastic bottles.


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