Andrei Dovgal – Winner “Best Insta Story” INSTA CONTEST week 1

Andrei Dovgal – Winner “Best Insta Story” INSTA CONTEST week 1

We congratulate Andrei Dovgal @yung.dovgal.7bar from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan for his victory in the Category #4 «Best Insta Story» week 1 of the Spirits Hunters Instagram Bartender Contest.

Andrei has created a special Spirits Hunters edition of a highlight in his Instagram profile and dedicated it to «the tips how to become a good bartender»!

Here are his 10 easy steps to become a bartender:
1. Fall in love with alcohol cocktails!
  1. Find your favourite bar to which you’ll become a regular guest
  2. Make contact with the bartender in the same bar
  3. Feel the romance of bartender craft through the bartender’s stories
  4. Light up the dream of learning this wonderful craft — bartending
  5. Ask the bartender how to get into «the club»
  6. Start to learn the craft from the very bottom. Finally become a Barback!
  7. Realise that beside the romance this craft has its own pitfalls
  8. Think about wether you need all of this or maybe you should send it all to hell
  9. All professions are important, all professions are in need. Become the best bartender for your guests. You will succeed! 
Here are the videos from his highlights:

Visit his profile to appreciate the original approach to the job of an ambassador by Andrei Dovgal — @yung.dovgal.7bar

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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