Nepal’s famous rum changes its game

Khukri is one of Nepal’s best-known rum brands in the world. Its quality is undoubtedly superior and it has a lot of history and culture. But why does Khukri propose a new game?


The Khukri rum to the reconquest of the foreigner

The producers of the famous Nepalese rum set out to conquer consumers in other countries. The brand, which has existed for almost 60 years, felt that it was not delivering its full potential. Khukri is, more than a rum, certainly very versatile and its producers wanted to show its different facets.


Khukri Cocktail Experience

To also conquer the consumers of Nepal, the distillery decided to ally with the Master Mixologist and Bartender Chief of the CELAVI Restaurant and Sky Bar of the Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Din Hassan. The very simple task: a bar hopping tasting Khukri for three days in Katmandu.

About the experience Hassan explains: “We realize that the palette of Nepalese tastes is very young. Many prefer mild cocktails rather than bitter or sour, suggesting that there is much to be done to develop a taste for the drinks we are developing. “We then begin with the basics, training the bartenders themselves.

The result was very positive, with the new drinks being very well received by tasters at an event as part of the experience at the Mezze by Roadhouse.

To reinforce the strategy, the distillery also called Ami Shroff. A winning flair style bartender and chief mixologist at the London Taxi bar in Bombay. His contribution was to mix rum with fresh fruit juices and spices, a total success.

The distillery continues its plan to hire 10 to 15 bartender staff to interact with bartenders around the country, experimenting with new cocktail ingredients and sophisticated strategies behind the bar.

A drink for the winter

Khukri is a rum characterized by the Nepalese as a winter drink. In fact, distillery figures reveal that 85 % of sales came from the winter months, creating a pattern of consumption very sectorized. This revelation was one of the reasons that pushed the brand to seek diversification.


Shuvash Lamichane of The Nepal Distilleries explains to Nepal Times that “as the number one rum brand in the country, it is our responsibility to develop the profession to serve these drinks. This course is expensive for us, but at no cost to those who participate. In the end, it’s good for everyone.”

The company expects a big boost this year with the introduction of Khukri into the cocktail menus of luxury bars and hotels, with drinks ranging from mild to strong depending on the ingredients. But everything will depend at the same time on the customs of their main consumers, those of their own country.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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