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Beautiful bottles of whisky to give on Valentine’s Day

Expert or whisky enthusiast, the important thing is to offer a good bottle. In this selection you will find that Valentine’s Day gift.

Each bottle presented below has a characteristic that will go hand in hand with a particular passion of your Valentine. Sea lover, craft whisky lover or for that chic person, there is a choice for everyone.


Old Pulteney Flotilla

This whisky is produced by the Pulteney distillery, located in the extreme northeast of Scotland in Wick Harbour. Since 1826, they have kept a relationship with the sea and thanks to the sea air, the harsh climate and the aging conditions in this port, Pulteney manages to be the Maritime Malt par excellence. This whisky is rich, delicious, and has a saline and iodine character that will appeal to both a single malt enthusiast and a lover of the sea.

Price: €54


Westward American Single Malt Whiskey

For that person who loves minimalism and craftsmanship, Westward is an excellent choice. The American distillery in Portland was founded in 2004 by craftsmen and is based on the “minimalist distilling” trend. This trend finds its genesis in the same region of the distillery. This whiskey has the particularity of being produced like a beer and distilled like a Scotch whisky, and finally, of being aged like a bourbon. How do they achieve this? Westward starts by producing with American craft beer with raw ingredients using locally malted barley grown in Oregon and Washington State. They add brewer’s yeast and practice a slow fermentation at a low temperature. It is then distilled twice in custom stills with slow distillation. Quite a specialty.

Price: €79.90


Rampur Double Cask

Indian whisky is a gem that many remain undiscovered. For example, the Rampur distillery produces in northeastern India near the Himalayas, single malt whisky. This whisky is made with Indian ingredients such as barley of Indian origin. In addition, this whisky benefits from the unique climate of the region during its maturation. Rampur Double Cask is produced with a blend of malts aged in ex-bourbon casks and sherry casks. Distinguished by its very exotic, fruity and spicy profile. It will be a perfect whisky for those who love to travel the world.

Price: €72


Arran The Amarone Cask Finish

If your Valentine likes Scotch whiskies above all, and is a lover of fruity and smooth profiles, Amarone will make her happy. Besides being presented in a beautiful bottle and box with very elegant labeling, it has a quite a particular color for a Scottish single malt. The same deep red comes from a second maturation in casks of Amarone, the renowned Italian red wine. It is a rich, fruity and very original single malt. Delicious notes of cherry, cranberry and dark chocolate.

Price: €58.50


Balblair 15 years

The distillery that produces Balblair, of the same name, is the oldest still in activity in the Highlands. With Balblair you’ll be sure to make an elegant selection for that chic person. In addition to its beautiful presentation, we will be enjoying a generous whisky with an unprecedented fruity profile. Round and silky, and a blend of expression and freshness.

Price: €97.00


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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