These whisky brands join organic production

U.S. consumers seem to be increasingly interested in opting for organic spirits. Whiskey is one of them.


Wigle is a whiskey brand focused on organic production. This means that they use USDA certified organic wheat, barley, triticale and corn grains. A certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products.

In general, locally grown ingredients are USDA certified, which highlights the territorial and producer-consumer confidence aspect. In addition, this entails production without the use of synthetic fertilizers or hazardous chemicals. Wiggle, among other brands, highlights this in its whiskies.


Organic production in distilleries

Distilleries find advantages and possible disadvantages in this type of production. It is, however, rather an advantage as the results are preferably positive. A distillery can find it easier in its production with genetically modified enzymes and yeasts and conventionally grown crops. However, the production of small batches that is common in organic distilleries proves that it is much more convenient to produce organically. This forces distilleries to be transparent, leading to the highest quality production.


For a future of sustainable distilleries

Consumers looking to taste better quality whiskeys will focus on organic production. This type of whisky will ensure a transparent and reliable process. This trend towards quality and environmentally friendly products is forcing distilleries to focus on sustainable production to ensure a future that ensures the quality of the land, and the expression of the character of the ingredients of organic whiskey.


Other organic whiskey distilleries

In addition to Wiggle, there are other American distilleries that produce their whiskey organically, for instance:

  • Koval Distillery
  • Wheatfish
  • Rua
  • Topo Organic Spirits
  • Bainbridge Organic Distilleries



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