This is what BenRiach distillery looks like

The renaissance of BenRiach whisky would not have been possible without its characteristic Speyside flavour. The distillery founded in 1898 is experiencing a renaissance within which it imposes itself in the United States with BenRiach 25.

This is what BenRiach distillery looks like

Reintroducing maltings in the BenRiach distillery / Photo: Peter Sandground


After the acquisition of BenRiach by Brown-Forman, already known for Jack Daniels, the eclectic Scotch whisky gains notoriety in the United States. Without a doubt, an easy game for BenRiach who is already known in the country for his old rare expressions. The arrival of BenRiach 25 marks a significant turning point for the distillery.

This is what BenRiach distillery looks like

BenRiach 25 whisky / Photo: Peter Dibbin


This is what BenRiach distillery looks like

BenRiach distillery in Moray, Scotland / Photo: Peter Sandrgound


Typically characterized by its Speyside fruit notes, BenRiach also adds autumnal notes and citrus notes which gives us a hint of grilled pineapple. Followed by layers of Jerez Oloroso, vanilla, and the present but not so much wood taste. This, for its time aged in barrels of bourbon, sherry, and French Burgundy.


The distillery then stands out for its exclusive flavours and innovations. A distillery that breaks new ground for many. Danny Whelan, BenRiach’s Business Development Manager, says: “It’s a Speyside distillery that doesn’t act like a Speyside distillery. BenRiach excels in this region that is home to more than half – and some of the largest – of Scotland’s distilleries.



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