Three whiskies that are worth much more according to bartenders

These bartenders shared their opinion on Scotch whiskies that for some, may be underrated.

We already know that there are an inexhaustible number of whiskey distilleries in Scotland and that each has its share to offer. That’s why here we let you discover the positive sides of these Scotch whiskies that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


Monkey Shoulder

Josh Cameron is a bartender at the New York bar, Boulton And Watt. For him, Monkey Shoulder is a whisky that doesn’t get the attention it should. It’s just as good for parties as it is for creating cocktails. In fact, according to Cameron, it’s very good quality.

The brand is recognized for its launch strategies and its good reception during spirit festivals. This year, they launched several advertising campaigns promoting their whisky and how to twist it in cocktails.


Aardbeg 10

For lovers of the ten years, Aardbeg seems to be profiled as one, if not the best, option. Whiskey is admired by bartender Holly Fields, from Station Hollywood bar in Los Angeles. “It’s a ten-year old with unique flavor elements,” says Fields. Its origin, the city of Islay, gives it unique characteristics, it’s smoky and has a sweet balance.


Balvenie 12 Year

Balvenie, the whisky from the Banffshire distillery renowned for its historical past. And it still has its own soil malting plant, the last one in the Highlands and barley is grown and harvested there. For Nikki McCutcheon, beverage director at The Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in New York, this whisky is the backbone of the distillery. “It has been aged in oak, has a smooth finish, and doesn’t have that smoky hardness that worries people who are going to taste scotch“.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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