quercus upcycled lamp

Sustainable design with upcycled bottle and fallen wood

Sustainability today encompasses many areas of work. In industrial design, Quercus uses wine bottles and recycled wood.

Quercus is a sustainable table lamp created by Max Ashford. It is a combination of wood that has fallen naturally from its tree and glass from packaging waste.

The design of the lamp is very stylish and fully embraces the DIY philosophy (Do It Yourself), and is aimed at a young professional target.

The wood, which is the base of the lamp, is white oak and comes from the area where Quercus is produced. Ashford manipulated the wood using steam to give it its curved shape, which he left to rest for 24 hours. In certain ways, Ashford saved the wood that was destined to be burned to sell as firewood.

Instead, the lampshade is a recycled wine bottle. Ashford cut up the lamp and ground it down. Finally, the lamp uses a low intensity LED GU10 bulb. When turned on, the lamp emits a warm, subtle light.

The lamp has been designed so that at the end of its life cycle, its parts can be reused separately and for other purposes.

Available with UK or EU plug for a price of £220.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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