Here are two cocktail recipes based on Armagnac Castarède VS, to sublimate your palate! Discover them here.

The film above shows cocktails based on Armagnac VS Castarède in the magical place of the Gentlemen 1919.

This film shows Castarède in this luxury universe of cocktail bars and is part of their desire to promote Armagnac in cocktails.

A few years ago, our House launched an Armagnac VS at 42.5° at the request of mixologists. Its delicate nose of fresh plum and vanilla with a hazelnut scent and its young, lively mouth with a slightly woody structure make it the perfect Armagnac to sublimate cocktails“.


Le 1er Mai Cocktail


Armagnac VS

Arbois savagnin

Lemon juice

Homemade Apple & Cinnamon Syrup

Egg white

Cocktail created by Sullivan Doh of the Parisian bar Le Syndicat. Autumn-Winter 2014 menu.


Gascon Mule Cocktail


4 cl of Armagnac VS

6 cl of Ginger Beer

2 cl cane sugar syrup

1 dash of bitter


Cocktail created by Forma Bar


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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