"C'est L'occaz", a truck bar that revives the community

C’est L’occaz is a street bar by Sébastien Cherrier, who has come to his community to revive it and propose a place of conviviality in every corner of the city.

We hear a lot about food truck, but how many times have you heard about Bar Truck? The community of Couy in Sancergues, France, can find more frequent and familiar meaning thanks to Sébastien Cherrier. He owns the truck bar C’est L’occaz, which in French means a lot of things. From the word occasion – occasion, or that can also refer to a used object – l’occaz represents an occasion to share, an occasion to taste. But it is also a sales truck that Sebastien decorated with this motive, to found the truck bar/flea market.

One of the main reasons why Sébastien founded C’est L’occaz is the lack of bars in the community, which are often closed today. And not just the bars, but the shops. In towns like Étréchy or Précy, he has been able to get a place to gather the comfort and install the truck for a few hours.

Testimonies from inhabitants of the places that C’est L’Occaz has visited affirm the satisfaction that the bar truck has brought to the community. “In our small communities we have the feeling of being forgotten. Now, thank goodness, we have these street vendors”.

In an interview with the daily Le Berry, Sébastien says: “The aim is not to compete with other companies, but to be complementary. I’ll get in touch with the food trucks to get in touch with them. I think there is potential. And a real request“.

Sébastien Cherrier publishes its next location on the Facebook page of C’est L’Occaz. If you’re in France, don’t hesitate to have a drink there!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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