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Now that many of us are living in confinement, the happy hour ritual after work is possible through the internet. Find out here.

Infallible ritual for many after work, now vanished by the Covid-19. But not all is lost. Bartender Juliana Chau, prepares the virtual happy hour from The Grocery Cocktail & Social bar in Canada.

The Grocery Cocktail & Social prepared a Happy Hour event on March 27th. Juliana Chau, your hostess, could not however do it from the bar because of government orders. But this did not stop her from celebrating the happy hour from her living room.

With this virtual cocktail hour, we can’t just stand in the bar environment and have someone attend to us. But we can still enjoy each other’s company while enjoying self-made cocktails.” Said Chau to The Columbian newspaper.

The event was broadcast via the ZOOM platform, which allows us to connect in conference either from a computer or a mobile phone. It is a tool that Chau knows very well as he uses it during his teaching studies. Chau posted on the Facebook and Instagram pages of The Grocery bar the instructions to join the Happy Hour.

In turn, Chau reminds Happy Hour participants not to forget to support the bars and restaurants that are offering cocktails at home.

In the United States, for example, some of these Manhattan bars are Dante, PDT, Attaboy, Middle Branch, Sugar Monk, Angel’s Share. In Brooklyn, they have Hunky Dory, Leyenda, Seaborne, Donna, Fresh Kills, Fort Defiance. And finally in Queens, Dutch Kill’s and Selma’s Bar.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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