Bartender Michaël Landart from Maria Loca bar

Michaël Landart works at the Maria Loca bar in Paris, a cachaceria bar. This bar, the first of its kind in Paris, welcomes its guests in a warm atmosphere between its wooden walls and its Brazilian air. Its name evokes the alcohol Maria Loca typically distilled in Brazilian prisons. According to the bar, this concept is a call to escape. However, the bar not only concentrates on Brazilian drinks, it also offers a selection of French alcohol, and traditional English and Spanish rums.

The Caipibrasil cocktail

We then spoke with Michaël Landart, who shared with us the cocktail recipe called Caipibrasil. (Very appropriate for the concept of the bar). It is based on 5 cl of Ballantines Brasil. Add passion fruit, half a green lemon, a teaspoon of passion fruit syrup and plenty of ice.

Of course, we decided to present his recipe to you in the most fun and contextually appropriate way! Let’s get to work and health. Watch the video, and cheers!

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