Lefteris Broupis owner of Alchemist Catering shared with Spirits Hunters the Heave’s Window cocktail.

This is a signature cocktail by Broupis, based on Irish Whiskey Jameson cooked with butter and banana, and a hint of exotic flavors as tonka foam and tangerine.


Cocktail “Heave’s window”

50 ml Jameson cooked with butter and banana

10 ml Bergamot liqueur Castro

15 ml lime

Top up with Tangerine and tonka foam

Type of glass: cocktail glass

Filling: edible flower



Mix the ingredients in a cocktail glass and add on top Tonka and Tangerine foam. Add the filling and serve.


You can follow Lefteris Broupis on Instagram and stay updated with his recipes @lefteris_broupis


Ne buvez pas au volant. Consommez avec modération.


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