Classic and retro at the same time, champagne glass are back in the spotlight. The proof is in this champagne glass from the new Pryce Bar collection.

This new range of products, entirely manufactured by the craftsmen of Krosno, which is made up of a collective of European glassmakers, advocates a guarantee of quality.

Made from glass blown into wooden moulds, this bowl, enhanced by a hand-painted platinum band, blends refinement and elegance in a single glass. Currently available in two colours (Silver and Gold), it can contain up to 220 ml of drink. Ideal not only for champagne but also for your martinis or even your traditional cocktails, it will find its place in your cupboards or on your bar.

Be aware that it is recommended to avoid any contact with citrus fruits (or citrus-scented detergents) on the platinum strip in order to preserve it. Also recommend manual washing to preserve the glass.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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