¿What are the best types of champagne for a holiday brunch? Follow our tips.

Mimosas rhyme with champagne, right? These types of champagne will light up the spark of your holiday brunch. It’s been a tough year! So let’s enjoy a good brunch on New Year’s Day, we all deserve it.


Tips to start off:

  1. Choose a champagne that you’d drink on its own.
  2. You don’t need to spend a lot, but you can if you wish!
  3. You can go for a prosecco or a cava instad of champagne for a change.


Types of champagne for a Holiday Brunch, even cava or prosecco for Mimosas:

Brut Cava: a brut cava with apple and bready notes pair very well with orange juice and zests.

Dry Prosecco: prepare your mimosa with a prosecco made from organically farmed grapes, tropical fruits aromatics and flavors.

Spumante: Italian sparklers as a good spumante are low in alcohol which will allow a nice low-ABV tasting! Floral, herbal will be your spumante of choice for a mimosa and it will also pair well with pastries.

Brut Champagne: brut champagnes with a creamy texture will go well with an orange wedge or two for garnish, a drop of juice will suffice for a good champagne that don’t need much to complement a brunch.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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