radis noir - desintoxicación - detox

Stay healthy and detox with black radish! Stimulating, black radish drains the liver. This vegetable, the “horseradish of Parisians”, originates from Asia where it is consumed cooked.

It is the underground part of an annual or biennial plant, Raphanus sativus, and is the first radish species grown at all latitudes. Harvested in winter, it keeps well, at least one month in the refrigerator.

This root, with its black surface and white flesh, contains vitamin C (6.4 to 23 mg per 100 g of raw radish), folates also called vitamin B9 (36 micrograms/100 g), calcium (53 mg/100 g) and potassium (312 mg/100 g).

It mainly contains glucosinolates, degraded in the body into sulphur molecules (mainly isothiocyanates) with detoxifying and antiseptic properties, as well as antioxidant polyphenols.

After the holidays, black radish is perfect for restoring your health and lightening up. Indeed, it increases bile secretion and facilitates its evacuation to the intestine, which makes it possible to digest well. Its sulphur derivatives reinforce the action of liver enzymes for a better elimination of alcohol and toxins, including drugs (paracetamol for example), and its high content of antioxidants gives it protective and repairing properties of liver cells. Finally, rich in fibre, it improves intestinal transit.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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