Negroni Twist by Matteo Carretta

Matteo Carretta is head bartender at Claridge’s Davies and Brook, he shared his Negroni twist, the Ra-Barbaro cocktail.

We are delighted to share bartender Matteo Carretta Ra-Barbaro cocktail, a Negroni twist created by the bartender while at Davies and Brook. The Ra-Barbaro is a rhubarb negroni boasting with Italian flavors given by Amaro Ramazzotti and Mancino Rosso vermouth. Yet, the cocktail takes an interesting dimension with the addition of tequila blanco. The cocktail is also low on alcohol content, easily entering the Low ABV trend and conquering new palates on the quest for lighter cocktails.

It’s an easy twist on a Negroni but a bit lower in ABV, as well as more refreshing and with less sugar than the classic Negroni cocktail,” says Carretta.

The Ra-Barbaro makes also for a great little snack pairing with a pickle rhubarb coin.

Being an aperitive drink, we serve a complementary sour lacto rhubarb garnish as snack to in give the extra acidity“.


Ra-Barbaro (Negroni twist) recipe


Ramazzotti amaro

Casamigos Blanco tequila

Mancino Rosso vermouth

Sour Rhubarb wine cordial


Type of glass: rocks / old fashioned

Garnish: Served with pickle rhubarb coin


You can follow Matteo Carretta and stay updated on his cocktail life on Instagram : @matteo___carretta


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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