Our Valentine’s Day Cocktail Series continues with World’s 50 Best Bars Salmon Guru from Madrid! They shared the daring Look Mom No Hands cocktail.

Prepared by head bartender Fillo Faedda, the Look Mom No Hands cocktail is a fruity cocktail inspired by The Frog Prince story, as they say, at Salmon Guru, “To find your prince, first you have to drink a few frogs … croak croak”.

Photo: Miguel Lebollet

Madrid’s top destination bar, Salmon Guru is known for its quirky cocktails and five-star service. The stellar team, led by founder Diego Cabrera, creates curious concoctions which push boundaries of what’s possible with cocktails, alongside unique moments for guests to enjoy throughout their entire experience at the bar.


Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe: ~ LOOK MOM, NO HANDS! ~ Fruity 🐸

Quote:To find your prince, first you have to drink a few frogs … croak croak

Photo: Miguel Lebollet


4cl aged rum

2cl agricultural rum

2cl passion fruit

2cl lemon

3cl homemade pineapple and vanilla syrup

Pumpkin and turmeric foam to decorate on top.


Where can I taste it?


@salmonguru | https://salmonguru.es

Calle Echegaray, nº 21 Madrid, Spain

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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