old fashioned cocktail with XO De Luze Cognac

Cognac De Luze reinterprets the Old Fashioned, an iconic cocktail created at the end of the 19th century with bourbon, which is now a reference in the world of mixology.

For the Cognac Bartender Contest UK, De Luze cognac wanted to pay tribute to this cocktail with a surprising twist.

Crédit Vidéo : Maison Boinaud /Theo Schuman

What more noble mission for a cocktail than to sublimate the spirit at its base? Of the various “classic” mixology recipes, the “Old Fashioned” is undoubtedly one of the most refined creations, highlighting the aromatic dimension of each ingredient.

For Maison De Luze, founded nearly 200 years ago, it seemed obvious to pay tribute to this iconic cocktail for the Cognac Bartender Contest. Besides, it is the favorite cocktail of Rémi Boinaud, Master Blender of the House.

At a time when mixology is gaining momentum, De Luze cognacs, which are round and accessible to all palates, allow for numerous associations, particularly with orange and Bitter, the main elements that support the XO Old Fashioned.

Crédit Photo : Maison Boinaud / Theo Schuman


Power, charm, length in the mouth and aromatic palette

Fine Champagne cognacs such as those produced by the Maison De Luze, will bring power, character, length in the mouth, and a beautiful aromatic palette to this kind of cocktails“, explains Bastien Gardrat, renowned mixologist from Cognac, and winner of the previous Cognac Bartender Contest in France with his cocktail “Frenchy Cup of Tea“.

A good base of spirits will already offer us a nice aromatic palette on which we just have to add some touches according to the inspirations we have to obtain a very nice result: each ingredient can be felt while bringing its stone to the building“, adds Bastien Gardrat.

Crédit Photos : Maison Boinaud /Theo Schuman


Thanks to its round, powerful and balanced structure, De Luze XO Fine Champagne cognac is the ideal partner to immerse yourself in the heart of De Luze cocktails. To live the experience at home, we let Bastien share with you the secrets of creating the De Luze XO Old Fashioned:

For me, the Old Fashioned is THE perfect cocktail to appreciate De Luze XO cognac. A few dashes of Orange Bitter, a few drops of Angostura with a little Amarena cherry syrup to replace the brown sugar and that’s it. I then mix it in a mixing glass and serve with a nice piece of freshly cut ice and orange zest: there you have the perfect alchemy.

Crédit Photo : Maison Boinaud /Theo Schuman


To make your own De Luze XO Old Fashioned:


Orange Bitters

Angostura Bitters

1 cl Amarena cherry syrup

5 cl cognac De Luze XO Fine Champagne


Garnish: Orange peel

Type of glass: Old Fashioned


Prepare with a spoon in your mixing glass:

– Pour 4 drops of Orange Bitter

– Add 2 drops of Angostura

– Top up with 1 cl of Amarena cherry syrup

– Finish with 5 cl of Cognac De Luze XO Fine Champagne

– Add the ice and stir with the cocktail spoon

– Strain your cocktail into a chilled glass

– Don’t forget to twist an orange peel on top of the glass for more deliciousness! *


You can discover the collection of De Luze cognacs here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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