A must-have accessory for the bar, bartender aprons allows you to both organize your accessories and protect your attire.

These beautiful aprons by HAVIE MNFCT. are constructed from a carefully selected vintage military fabric from 1943 and some aprons have leather details. HAVIE tries to keep all the original inserts and the patches and eyelets that make it unique. A very stylish work garment and even a piece of home decor.

Furthermore, it is very comfortable to wear all day, and easy to take off and put on like a pair of snaps.

Every bartender will be happy to have an accessory of quality and traditional craftsmanship, since HAVIE products are 101% handmade with enthusiasm in every stitch.

HAVIE is a creation of two brothers, Archie and Denis, “brothers in life and in business“.

Photo: Archie and Denis | havie-mnfct.com.

Our craft goods workshop is based in Tel Aviv, and we are building our brand on a foundation that celebrates quality, craftsmanship, and tradition at every stage from raw material to finished product. Our goals are simple; to envision, design, and create in-house and by hand, beautiful pieces. We make sure to keep our designs timeless yet original. We follow our passion, not following fleeting trends or outside influences,” the brand says on its website.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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