This year has been the most favorable harvest season for wine in France over the last 34 years, with even 4 weeks in advance for Champagne.

With already plenty of delicious and healthy mature grapes already covering its countryside, winemakers in Champagne are recovering from the 30% loss from last year due to drought and frost in last spring.

The excellent weather conditions experienced so far this year will surely be translated to outstanding returns on profits. Last year’s rainfall has accumulated a great amount of water, and the perfect heat and sunshine from this year’s summer have enhanced plant growth and provoked an exceptional grain maturity.

Winemakers are expecting a significant increase in wine production of about 56% compared to last year, as well as a production of at least 310 million bottles, a big difference compared to the 307 million in 2017 and 306 million in 2016.

Sales are also expecting to reach a new record with a turnover greater than 4.9 billion euros in Champagne.


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