Best Confinement Tuto: meet finalist Ekaterina Kolybskaya

Ekaterina is a 31 years old bartender born in Russia and living in Belarus in the city of Brest for a long time. We met her for our virtual interviews about the Best Confinement Tuto finalists.


SPIRITS HUNTERS: 1. Where are you originally from?

Ekaterina Kolybskaya: I was born in Russia, I have been living in Belarus in the city of Brest for a long time.


2 – How long have you been a bartender?

I have been working in the hospitality industry since 2006. Was a waiter, bartender, manager, but all the time pulls back to the bar, to the euphoria of work. Now I am a bar manager and at the same time I am raising children on maternity leave. For several years now, the name “Mother” has followed me: as I bring up my children at home and educate and nurture my workers, who are like little children.


3 – What brought you to the world of bartending / what inspired you to become a bartender?

Together with the guys, I launched a project to develop the bar business and drinking culture in our city. Huge plans. My work provides very valuable advantages – communication, new acquaintances and development. I like to study the history of countries and peoples through drinks, through the culture of drinking. Each nationality is associated with some kind of drink. Now I am studying our national historical drinks in depth.


4 – What have you discovered about yourself being a bartender?

I get inspired by cocktails, I like to mix and create new drinks.


5 – How is the situation in your city/country regarding Covid?

There is no quarantine in our country. And this is understandable. Since our economy cannot afford to send people at its own expense for a month or more. And our population doesn’t have big stash.

Bars and cafes are open, but there are few guests. We survive as soon as we can. Many work restrictions.


6 – What inspired you to make the video you’ve sent us for the Confinement Bartender Contest?

A friend helped. The video was created by herself and she edited herself. At first I came up with many different options, but then my eyes fell on a large toy dog. We tried … I liked the result. And so it turned out a whole series!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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