It’s official, the famous car manufacturer BMW has filed a patent to build a champagne dispenser. A champagne flute filling system in its luxury cars.

Like the Rolls-Royce models, the BMW brand’s luxury models have an integrated bar, which is usually located in the central armrest at the rear of the vehicle. But it must be admitted that using champagne while driving can be difficult and sometimes epic. This is why the German brand is working on a system for filling flutes with the foot.

A system already developed by the Bottom Up brand which, thanks to the use of double valves, has found a way to fill beer glasses from the bottom. This process, already known and recognized in many bars and stadiums around the world, is not very suitable for what the car manufacturer wants.

What is different in BMW’s project, and which makes the task more difficult, is the use of thinner glass. The height of the champagne flutes, by the height of their feet, brings a technological difficulty that suggests the presence of such a device on the most top-of-the-range models.

A question therefore arises: Once this system has been set up, how far will luxury car manufacturers go to satisfy their customers?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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