tequila advent calendar

An advent calendar for that tequila lover, offers every day small samples of tequila bottles. To discover.

This Christmas comes the Advent calendar for every tequila lover. And of quality. This calendar consists of 30 ml bottles including limited editions. Among them, a Don Julio 1942, recommended for closed eyes. This 100% agave tequila  oro is handcrafted and distilled twice.

In addition, it ages for two years in American oak barrels. On the nose, its notes are sweet lemon, spices and ripe fruits. In the mouth, sweet notes of chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon are felt. Towards the end, silky and warm with notes of nuts and caramelized apples.

It is indeed an excellent gift that will please every tequila lover before the arrival of Christmas gifts.

This calendar is available at a price of 140 euros, through Drinks by the Dram.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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