Launched in Las Vegas in March 2017, Buzz Pop Cocktails is the only Italian sorbet ready to serve, 100% natural, gourmet fruit with the best liqueurs on the market.

Buzz Pop has innovative plans for 2019 to provide the best cocktail ice cream cones for happy hour! New flavors are in development such as the chocolate raspberry sorbet, based on Belgian dark chocolate, with premium bourbon. Other flavors include Peach Prosecco.

But the plan to push the boundaries is the development of the first Buzz Pop ice cream truck franchise in the United States. Joseph Isaacs, CEO of Buzz Pops, says “This aggressive development plan for the built markets will increase our bottom line considerably… Franchising is the next logical step by which mobile units can sell directly to the public, in markets such as South Carolina, using a more saturated methodology.”

Buzz Pops has a patent pending on its processes and methodology for freezing alcohol in sorbets at higher levels than anyone else. Most competitors are in the 3-5% range while Buzz Pops is 3-5 times greater.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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