From 21 November 2018 to 24 January 2019, the “Cognac Cocktail Connection” is back for a 6th edition.

For the occasion, four evenings will be organised for the general public on the theme: “Cognac & Cocktails” with the participation of four major metropolitan establishments. On Thursday, December 6, we will meet you at the “Fréquencebar on Keller Street. The opportunity to discover their variations of spirits.


Fréquence is the story of 3 friends

Guillaume Quenza (ex-Sherry Butt), Matthieu Biron (ex-Andy Wahloo), and Baptiste Radufe also skilled with their six hands to handle shakers and turntables. It took them a few months to realize their dream together: to set up a bar where cocktails and vinyls are placed on the same scale of values.

Located in the 11th arrondissement (HQ of the 33-rpm boutiques), the universe of this musical bar with its wooded decor was brilliantly designed by the young trio. The bottle lines have given way to the owners’ vinyl collection (the trifle of 1,500 to 2,000 records), the glasses are hidden in a refrigerated display case, and on the counter the turntable is a good neighbour to the bar station. A clever idea for the bartenders who immediately mix DJ sets and funky cocktails.

Honour to seasonal fruits and spirits, aperitifs and Asian alcohols with a real know-how. As for cognac, the Fréquence band keeps the same philosophy: a selection according to the essence and history of the product to imagine cocktails that balance well. “Cognac is a spirit with a lot of character, which adds consistency to the cocktail. It is always a pleasure to explore all types of cognac in our creations. Today, we make our cocktails with a VSOP without assembly. He challenged me for the exciting work of his winegrowers and the methods of ageing. This drink is back in the spotlight thanks to the great return of local products that reflect the world of cuisine,” confirm music lovers’ bartenders.


20 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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