The US off-trade spirits sales are growing, for September and October 2020 bolstered from 29 % up to triple-digit increase.

During the two-month period (September and October) tequila, Cognac and RTD’s were the drinks with most growth, according to Nielsen.

RTDs + 131%: share grew by 0.8 points.

Cognac +56.2%: share rise 1.1 points.

Tequila + 55.5%: increasing its share of total spirits sales by 2.1 percentage points.


Cordials also increased followed by American Whiskey.

Cordials + 32.1%

American whiskey + 29.8%

According to Nielsen, share gains were at the expense of stock losses for vodka, which lost three points in dollar share but rose 12.1% in dollar growth.

Nielsen said ultra-premium and premium spirits were gaining market share at a faster rate than in pre-pandemic periods.

In September, online alcohol sales increased by 256% compared to last year, led by a 354% increase in alcoholic beverage sales.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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