Dartmouth Bar Named Best New Place in Canada

Mark Gray will not forget 2018 for a long time. Over that year, he became a father for the second time and went from restaurant employee to restaurateur. Now he owns the best new bar, The Watch That Ends the Night.

Located in Dartmouth, Canada, the best new bar, according to EnRoute magazine, Gray described the experience as “transformative”.

I expected to be on the long list of the best new restaurant, and I was amazed to see that we had landed in the top 10. A secret judge went across the country looking for new places, came to us, and of course really enjoyed the experience…We had to remain very silent about it for a few months. There was a two-day photo shoot in June and we couldn’t say anything, which was really difficult.”

Some people think The Watch That Ends the Night is a restaurant with an excellent bar, while others consider it a bar serving a very interesting cuisine. The retro-chic bar occupies the whole room, at the back is a rather small kitchen, but we assure you everything is good, especially the cocktails!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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