Did you know that? Mixing alcohol and shyness can be a risk

Alcohol and shyness combined can affect a person. In fact, shy people tend to feel high levels of anxiety after consuming great amounts of alcohol. Besides, they also try to drink more to counteract this feeling of anxiety.

To prove this fact, a team from University College London conducted an experiment with a group of people in good general health (mental and physical). They divided the individuals into two groups, the very shy and those who are not, or less shy. The degree of anxiety of the participants was determined and these data were mixed with the consumption of alcohol of the previous day.

The study showed that shy people had higher levels of anxiety after drinking alcohol the day before. But in cases of poor emotional control, these people tended to consume more alcohol to counteract the anxiety caused by alcohol. This proves that there is a real risk of entering a vicious circle.

The authors believe that their study provides a potential marker for the risk of alcohol-related disorders, with concrete implications for prevention and treatment.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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